"Working during night so your day isn't ruined."
- The Special Kids

The Special Kids or scientifically known as The Spirit of Guardians are gaurdians who served during only the night, and save lives while they sacrifice their life to save everyone else.There are many spirits,but not as powerful as the 4 main spirits.They are currently dealing with a bounty of 30,000,000 in exchange for the current kids that roam;only 10 of 100 kids are captured.

Spirit Gaurdians: Edit

Main Spirits Edit

  • Lin Akatsuki(Spirit of Illusions/Pranks)
  • Asuka Akatsuki(Spirit of War/Battle)
  • Caeser Bosco(Spirit of Destruction)
  • Akakios Negri(Spirit of Lightning/Thunder)

Kids With Spirits Edit

  • Shizuka Akatsuki(Lin)
  • Adrianna Carbone(Asuka)
  • Aurelio Bosco(Caeser)
  • Orion Negri(Akakios)

Relationship With Scientists: Edit

Gaurdians are always being hunted down by scientists,whether inspiring or aspiring.They have strong grudges with the scientists for their greediness and lust for their special powers as they want to keep it all to themselves.However, this war against modern scientists still rage on as many more people start to capture these gaurdians easily.The Main spirits are still hidden within their modern descendants,killing anyone working with the corrupted scientists.

Descendants Edit

Shizuka,Adrianna,Aurelio and Orion are currently being hunted down and killing those who come for them.Scientists still fail to this day to capture any of the main spirits because what they are a "special" kid for,like Shizuka,a kid who basically messes with people's mind into thinking they've actually captured them.